3 Critical Processes That Marketing Teams Should Automate

CRM concept shotAll companies have an endless list of the new strategies and marketing tools that they want to implement. However, all these require resources in terms of workforce, time and money. Customer relationship management (CRM) automation has stepped in to fill the gap. It saves you the hassle of having to acquire all those resources.

By applying CRM and marketing automation strategies, you create more time for your marketing team. You can spend this time on redefining your strategy and weighing your success and growth. Additionally, it helps in error reduction as well as improvement of the marketing measurements. To ensure that you get the best from CRM automation, integrate it with the following processes.

Lead Management

This is one of the most manual and time-consuming procedures in marketing. Do you manually capturing leads from the web and keying it into the CRM system? Instead of this, automate the process through quick wins such as lead capture and lead scoring. This automation accelerates the marketing pipeline. There is a timely follow-up of relevant messages from your team. It hence increases the customer conversation rates, equating to more sales.

Customer Retention

Your job does not end at the point where you turn a conversion into a sale. Instead, you realize that customer retention requires as much effort as acquiring new business. Happy customers are your greatest brand advocates. CRM, in that case, automates your customer engagement processes through capturing critical customer data. From this information, you can contact a happy customer and introduce them to another product. Hence, you boost sales while retaining customers.

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Marketing Planning and Management

CRM also allows you to automate your marketing workload. This is possible through adding an upcoming project into the system, adding up all important emails and documentation and then creating an automated workflow. This creates a sense of progress as a result of the organization.