3 Online Marketing Trends to Try This Year

online marketing
Online marketing is one of the most effective ways for any business, no matter what size, to gain more customers. This is because people are relying on the internet to get more information about the products and services they want and need. If you don’t have a business website or nay kind of digital presence, you’re missing out on a lot of potential sales.

Here are some of the latest trends that you need to hop on for a more effective digital marketing strategy:


Influencer marketing can be really effective because of the credibility and impact social influencers have on their followers. If they promote your brand, you will definitely gain a lot of traction. Just make sure you’re choosing the best influencer who matches your brand and what you stand for. Chances are their followers will understand your brand as well and give it a try. With consistent efforts, you may gain their loyalty over time.

Chat Bots

Everyone likes instant replies, but that is barely possible if you have a lot of queries from users. Good thing there are now chat bots powered by artificial intelligence to make sure you respond to these queries as quickly as possible. Rather than mass targeting, Coforge Marketing and other digital marketing experts say that responding to one-on-one conversations is more effective to engage your potential customers and earn their trust. Talk to your trusted digital marketing agency in NYC to know how to make this happen.

Live Video

Live video streaming has gained popularity recently, especially when Facebook and Instagram launched their versions. That’s why right now is the best time to capitalize on this trend and broadcast live on social media. You can broadcast a product launch, an event, or anything that might interest your followers and customers. Make sure you’re ready to put your best foot forward every time you go live or else you might tarnish your brand.

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Follow these trends and you’ll surely be in the right direction this year when it comes to online marketing.