3 Ways To Secure Your Commercial Garage

Car Entering Through a Garage DoorSecurity is important, especially if you have valuable commercial property. Locks, alarms, security systems – name it, we all do it to prevent burglars from entering commercial storages and garages.

Forced entry and robberies, however, are still common across New Zealand. Despite the police’s reassurances for shop and commercial property owners, not worrying about safety is still a challenge.

Fortunately, you can still do something about it.

For All Steel Security, provider of security doors, security measures matter. They recommend using the right guards and safeguard for your roller doors in Auckland to increase your commercial garage’s security.

1. Secure Your Door

The garage door is one of the weakest spots in any establishment; it’s outside and sometimes away from the rest of the property. Also, it usually has an emergency release that disconnects the door from the opener, which thieves take advantage to break in.

Make sure that your roller door has a proper lock thieves cannot easily compromise. Also, practice closing and locking the door at all times.

2. Increase Your Security Feature

As burglars are determined to break in, do not give them any chances by increasing your door’s security system. Install built-in sensors, self-closing system or smartphone connection and a self-closing alarm, which goes off when someone attempts to break in.

3. Secure The Keys

Apart from securing the doors, it is also important to always remember the keys. Do not leave them lying around. Also, always have a spare, but as much as possible, do not lose your keys. For automatic doors, refrain from giving out the passcode to everyone. This reduces the chances of robbers from getting the code and breaking in.

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Safety is always a priority and a good investment for your business. Protect your commercial garage from unwanted visitors with the suggestions above.