300% Output Increase is Possible with Tailored Wholesale Packaging

Wholesale PackagingWholesale packaging is an often unappreciated part of the business process.

However, as a critical logistics tool, Eastpac Group says that the success of any manufacturing business lies in how well a firm facilitates its packaging system.

Depending on the ability of the supply chain controller to efficiently run the product processing and fulfilment, the business can experience an influx of profitable output or missed opportunities due to delays.

By way of example, here’s how a packaging station in the ingredient processing industry grew their 33% maximum capacity output to more than 300%.

Scale of Operations

The bakery goods industry rarely sources its ingredients locally or freshly made.

For the purposes of cutting cost and sizing up measurable demands, there are various bakery-ingredient facilities instead that formulates and distributes the ingredients. These processing facilities also measures, blends, packages, and identifies the health and safety condition of the food, which is an overall tedious process. But, considering how many baked goods are produced each day, it’s vital for these facilities to produce certain volume output or they will have no edge over the competition.

Factors that Affect Production Speed

Ingredient mixing passes through a series of wet and dry phases that takes varying waiting times. Depending on the quality of the mixed goods, the time spent waiting for ingredients can take longer than normal.

According to Powder Bulk Solids, there are different classes of material used, which can either be easy to blend in or not. “Class 4 material that is extremely pressure sensitive and adhesive-cohesive due to an increased moisture content. A slow and inconsistent gravity feed from the existing bin could not generate a continuous, uniform flow.”

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An Innovative Approach

With the influence of product viscosity in the way, Metalfab Posibin designed a gravity-defying processor that runs from the ceiling. Through this, the suspended the processor cancels out the sticky properties of the mix via physics. From a running capacity of 33%, the packaging output expanded to more than 300% because the frequent stoppages caused by clogging and stagnation were left out of the equation.