4 Reasons to Move to New Zealand

House in New ZealandNew Zealand is more than just a scenic setting for popular movies. It’s indeed a good place to live regardless of age and no matter how many you are in the family.

If you’re looking for rental properties in Stratford, then chances are you can make that big move sooner than you think. First National Mills & Gibbon and other real estate companies list some of the reasons people are moving to New Zealand.

1. Better Weather

Compared to the weather in Britain, New Zealand’s weather is generally more cheerful. The warmer and sunnier weather in this part of the world makes it popular for outdoor barbecues and other outdoor activities.

2. Hospitable People

Based on the findings from the Expat Insider survey in 2015, 94% of the participants agree that Kiwis are generally friendly people. The warm welcome allows many expatriates to settle better and get involved in their communities faster.

3. Green And Beautiful

New Zealand is famous for its wide, open, green spaces. What’s even more surprising is that in its biggest and busiest cities, there is an abundance of green spaces that make living such a wonderful experience. This is great for families with small children who like to have a wide variety of places to explore and enjoy activities such as skiing, kayaking, hiking and even bungee jumping.

4. Beautiful Beaches

New Zealand boasts of over 9,000 miles of coastline and many islands, which make it a great place for some much-loved water sports activities. Some of its popular beaches include the Ninety Mile Beach, Piha Beach, New Chums Beach and Scott’s Beach. Whether you like extreme water sports or you simply like to soak up some sun, New Zealand has a lot of beaches and islands to choose from.

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Moving is not always easy, but the ease of life and friendliness of people can make the qualms of moving all worth it. If you’re thinking of making that move to NZ soon, don’t forget some of the top reasons that make people pack their bags and move.