4 Steps that Will Tell You if You Need a New Roof

Worker Replacing ShinglesMinimize long-term costs and possible chance of property damages by making the right decisions about your roof. To do this, it is necessary to know when it's time to fix or change your roofing. Here are some warning signs that your shingles need further attention.

Look Inside

The first thing you should check is your ceiling and attic. Climb up your ceiling and look under the eaves. Look for beams of light penetrating through the surfaces of your home. If you notice some, then it only means one thing you have a leaky roof and you need to fix it real quick.

Inspect the Shingles

Check your rooftop every now and then especially after heavy storms to ensure everything's intact. On extreme weather conditions, there's a possibility that your shingles might be damaged. So, once the patches start to buckle or misalign, then repairs are in order. Here in Norman, just like anywhere else, it is better to hire notable contractors to replace your roof, shares ROBBINS ROOFING.

Save It from Rot

Another good indication that you need a new roof is when your system starts to lose its original form. If it becomes droopy and sagging, you have to immediately replace it before it creates more damages in the future.

Watch Out for Mould

If mosses are already growing on the surface of your shingles, it only means one thing, trouble. This type of houseplant may look attractive on some part of your home, but not exactly to your roof. When left untended, it can ruin your roof's overall integrity. At times like this, you may either brush it off or power wash it or just simply ask the roofers to do all the job for you.

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Keep these warning signs in mind to give your roof the right attention it needs. Don’t take these for granted to guarantee a better, safer, and more comfortable home living.