A Bubbly Life: Be a Tea Boss

Milk TeaYou might get tired of working for others and will dream of becoming your own boss and have your own people to lead someday. It may sound like a farfetched dream. But hey, dreams do come true if you have the right resources, not to mention, the right opportunities. Food and clothing are usually what startup entrepreneurs are targeting. However, these require big capital. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have enough savings for those, though. You can deviate and run a milk tea shop instead, says an entrepreneur from Chatime.

Yes, that famous drink that has taken Asia and even the whole world by storm, you can have it in your hands. Tea franchises are available, you just need to look for the one that suits your taste as well as your budget.

Be your own boss

With your own franchise, you can finally be your own boss. It is a bit risky for first-timers in the business industry, but that is what's good with franchises, they help you and teach you. The room for error is minimised.

Franchisees look for people whom they can trust, people who work hard and are willing to learn new things, after all, the franchise that you will be running is a reflection of their company.

Earn money

You earn much more than being a simple employee. True, there are businesses that go downhill because of mismanagement, but being the bright and strategic person that you are, you'll go for something big and stable. You can be your own boss and sip your favourite milk tea, how cool is that?

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Franchising food and refreshment stalls will always be popular. Different flavours offer a different experience. So go on, take the first step in being your own boss and taste a different life experience for a change.