A Quick Way to Market Your Hotel and Increase Your Revenue

Reception area of a luxury hotelA small independent hotel, in spite of its scale, comes with financial challenges. As a hotelier, you’re likely to aim for low costs and high returns. This means attracting more guests without necessarily spending more money.

Here are ideas to help you increase your hotel sales.

1. Make TripAdvisor Your New Best Friend

TripAdvisor is a credible source for impartial travel reviews. Eighty-three percent of the website’s users usually check with TripAdvisor before booking a hotel. Meanwhile, 96% of users find reviews helpful in planning trips and booking hotels.

2. Establish a Strong Presence Online

Digital marketing brings a tremendous amount of data to the playing board. HSMAI research revealed that 70% of hoteliers gained the biggest returns from online marketing; 69% are marketing through social media. If you’re not utilizing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the rest of digital platforms, you’re losing lots of opportunities. You need to use social media platforms to drive traffic to your website.

But before venturing out to social media, you must first ensure that you have a compelling design for your hotel website that is easy for users to navigate. Your website has to not only be attractive and easy to use, but also informative and able to entice travelers to act: book a room, sign up for newsletters, and the like.

3. Don’t Ignore Community eMaps

If your hotel is close to local attractions, use interactive community eMaps to showcase your hotel. Many consumers are looking to reduce their overall travel cost so if your hotel is anywhere near their tourist destinations; it will be their best bet.

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Even as you take advantage of TripAdvisor’s free listings, establish a strong presence online, and create desirable guest amenities, do not forget a key strategy: develop relationships. Great relationships with the hotel staff and guests will translate to a successful hotel business.