Adapt to Online Changes Quickly by Adopting These Website Design Trends

Man Working with his Tablet and LaptopThe online marketing landscape can shift quickly, creating a domino effect on your web page rankings and marketing strategies. If you’re not ready to go with the shift, you might take the hit.

One way you can make sure your site is prepared for sudden changes is to implement trending designs. Experts on graphic design, such as Red Rider Creative in Utah, cite the following practices you can do to improve your site and protect your ranking.

Responsive Logos

Responsive design has improved and revolutionized the browsing experience of users across devices and screen types. Building on this, creating logos that are responsive is a design trend to implement. Many brands are changing their logos to make it respond more fluidly and easily, regardless of the device a site visitor uses. This simplified and modern approach can become a part of your branding and advertising campaigns.

Color Transitions

Flat design has pushed the use of gradients aside, but the latter has made a comeback. Semi-flat designs have allowed website designers to indulge in color transitions. This trend brings out the vibrancy of a site, and can sometimes tell a story if appropriately integrated into the content.

Sticky Design Elements

In most cases, sticky elements are at the top section of websites. This approach works for desktop users, but we all know that the number of mobile users is rising fast. On a smartphone or tablet, people use the bottom of their screens for navigation. You’d have to change your design to suit this and to make browsing your site on phones intuitive.

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Customized Graphics

If you want to have your ‘personal’ stamp on an online campaign, what better way to do it than to customize a graphic? This approach makes you original and stands out in a crowded industry all vying for the attention of the same audience. Use colors and images that resonate with your market and associates with your brand.

These are some design trends and practices you should look into to stay relevant and competitive in your niche. Implement them to get the results you want and reach a wider audience.