Advertising vs. PR Agencies: Understanding the Real Deal

Marketing conceptWhen people hear the word publicity, one of the first few things that come to mind is artists. After all, Hollywood is known notoriously for its publicity, both good and bad. Getting your name out to the public for whatever purpose, however, is not only done by actors and actresses but also by various businesses. This is one of the reasons public relations (PR) and advertising agencies thrive in this day and age.

Which between an advertising agency and a PR agency in Melbourne should you choose to help you in improving your business visibility? Read on to find out.


If you need to pay a significant amount to get your company logo on the newspaper or on a visible site, then it’s advertising. If you simply need to pitch in some information to a third party and they will voluntarily do the write-ups without costing you anything, then it’s considered as a PR stunt. In short, advertising is paid while PR is earned media.


Straightforward and often biased content is mostly considered as an advertisement, while neutral ones are mostly a product of PR publicity. The difference lies in the use of words as well as the angle of presentation.


More people find PR publicity more credible as compared to advertisements. This is not to say that ads are not reliable at all. But, ads are paid for by the company and an obligation to put the best foot forward is present. As for PR publicity, once the information is pitched to the third party, the company has no control over how the content will be presented and therefore gives a more realistic and unbiased view over the situation.

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So, which between the two types of publicity should you choose? Trying both can help you see which of the two methods can get you the results that you need for your business.