Aligning Typography with Branding

Cursive LettersThe typography you use for your promo materials and branding message are parts of your brand identity. The font you choose will affect your ability to connect with your target audience. It also creates a distinct personality that may swing the decision of a potential customer.

The typography you select will dictate a tone and personality that your brand wants to convey to your audience. Voodoo Creative, experts on web design services from Melbourne cite the following fonts that you can choose from.

Classic Typography

Traditional types such as serifs convey a level of professionalism and elegance, but this will depend on how you use it. These fonts also say that you have authority and knowledge in your chosen niche. This allows you to establish your market position in your industry.

Modern Look

If you want a simple but trendy font, sans serifs are an ideal choice. This typeface is functional and straightforward and doesn’t distract a visitor from the content they’re reading.

Friendly Font

If you’ve seen the logo of GAP, it is an example of warm typography. A bold font appears as generic but comes off as a friendly alternative. You can also make these fonts dramatic, but it will depend on the context you use them in.

Make it Fun

Typography can be fun; one such example is handwritten ones, this shows your brand’s personality much like Coca-Cola. When you use scripts, you display an emotional side of your brand.

Readability and Legibility

The fonts you use for your branding and messaging show a different side of your brand and bring out its personality. However, you should not sacrifice legibility and readability for flare. If visitors cannot understand nor read the content, they are likely to go to another website. Make sure the text is readable; the font that works for the headline may not work for the body. Think of these factors before you choose a font for your brand’s website and logo.

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