Apitoide APK – Why you should choose Aptoide as your next android store?

So that you need to join the android mobile master race but you are locked down from what play shop has to offer, no issues that is where aptoide app comes in place. Being an ambassador for aptoide I would like to go you to the true open world of android

Aptoide iOS Download | Install Aptoide Apk File for iPhone, iPad:

Aptoide is a third party android store much like most of the other 3rd party stores, it is nothing like google play store (a second party android shop) however it has some advantages overplay store and a few negatives that i will explain piece by piece. The phrase “Aptoide” hails from the ubuntu package manager APT it’s the combination of Appropriate and oide (derived from android)

The coolest thing about aptoide is the fact that they accepted the open source area by giving the city a thing that should have been supplied from a very long time ago: an open source retailer that delivers the opensource Linux operating system android being a shop to serve each of it’s application for free
It’s recognized that in every linux distro there is a download store to get recognized app, and since android is just a linux operating system it will possess a shop right?

Aptoide Download  Advantages:

No geo stricted apps, all apps can be found to everyone around the globe
Totally free
You will find great apps that some designers can’t manage to put up play store (yes some people can’t pay don’t judge)
Legit Root friendly programs
Programs which are no further found on play store or were found on android store previously ahead of the “Big” transition of play store
opening a store for free and post the maximum amount of apps while you want
get subscribers and reviews for your apps
daily statistics for packages and uploads bitbybit
kickass community where you get fast response and downloads

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Aptoide Download  Disadvantages:

some programs are listed on a unique brand and might sue you should you submit their app over a third party store (particularly a paid software)
some stores have outdated apps

Security Aspect:

Aptoide has been working on the stability portion for a very long time also daily, here’s some information on aptoide and security directly from their website: www.trickscentral.org