Asian Noodle Bar Etiquette: What You Need to Know

Noodle Bar in LorneItalian noodles have amazing shapes and preparation, but can be quite monotonous after eating them over again. Give yourself a surprise and get cracking at an Asian noodle bar. After all, the many types of Asian noodles encountered by the typical foodie can be quite interesting. The same can be said of their restaurants.

Cutlery – Typically, you need to use chopsticks and an Asian soup spoon. The chopsticks either pick up or shovel the noodles into your mouth, while the soup spoon is for the broth and never meant to cut large pieces of meat. In the same way, don’t use chopsticks to pierce food. If you’re having a difficult time eating with chopsticks, it’s okay to ask for a Western spoon and fork.

Slurping – A major no-no in most Western cultures, slurping is acceptable in many Asian countries. It is even a sign that you are enjoying your meal. It’s not simply a cultural habit, as slurping helps pull in air to help cool the soup or broth. The same is applicable to noodles but this can be tricky because quickly sucking a strand of noodle can make it flip, slapping your face and spraying soup all over the table.

After Eating – Again, many Asian countries view burping and leaving a bit of the meal untouched at the bottom of the bowl a good sign. The best thing to do when at the end of your meal is to order dessert, which is a universal sign of being done. You can also request for coffee, as restaurants often serve tea before a meal. Many Lorne restaurants do serve both beverages and you can ask for recommendations.

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The safest way to find out what you want to do is permissible in a noodle bar is to ask your host before sitting at the table. You can also research online or ask around for more information. Regardless of your method of learning, keep your method of eating appropriately at all times.