Becoming an Appreciative Leader

people in business suit having a meeting with their bossBeing a good leader isn’t all about having the right qualifications and the best skills—it’s also about knowing how to manage people. As a leader, it is important that you show appreciation to your employees. Here’s how you can do that.

Listen to them

As a leader, you must know how to listen to your employee’s ideas and concerns. Take time and set a one-one-one at least once or twice a month.  Listen to their thoughts, suggestions, comments and concerns regarding the workplace and your leadership. Through this, you can gauge their personalities and performance, which can boost their morale and your business’s growth.

Give specific compliments

Giving out a “nice effort” or a “good job” every once in a while can boost your employee’s drive and productivity. However, too much of these generic compliments can make things feel repetitive and non-special.  Whether personally or through email, give out specific compliments that will make your employees feel regarded. Show appreciation by providing personal thoughts and telling how much their effort has helped your business.

Give out training and opportunities

Providing new knowledge and bigger opportunities show that you care about your employee’s self-development. According to a company that provides small business training in Utah, most leaders invest on workshops which they know can benefit their people as well as their company. Apart from this, it is important to open your employees to new responsibilities. Promotion isn’t necessary; give them new tasks to try and learn from.

Hold yourself accountable

Although leadership is collaborative, hold yourself responsible for matters that employees can take inspiration from. Be the person you want your people to be. Work hard and show how accountable you are for discipline and productivity. For example, you can show how much you care for the business by arriving to work early each day. Doing this shows that you can lead and influence your people.

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Build a work environment that is collaborative, productive, and appreciative at the same time. Doing this develops a good leader-employee relationship, which can greatly benefit a business.