Comparing Structural vs. Roll-Form Pallet Racks

Pallet Rack SystemPallet rack systems allow you to properly utilise warehouse space, which is why a lot of thought should be put into what type of system you’ll be purchasing. Although structural pallet racks and roll-form pallet racks are popular models right now, Shelving Shop Group recommends learning about the difference between the two before settling on a rack system. This way, you can determine which is best suited for your warehouse’s processes.

Differences in Manufacturing

Roll-form pallet racks use flat steel stock rolled into an open “C” shape for the uprights and a blocked tube with a rung for beams. These racks have teardrop holes designed to allow people to install beams without the requirement for additional hardware.

On the other hand, structural pallet racks use heavier steel created from hot-rolled “C” channels. The face of the upright has circular holes and people can bolt beams to the uprights. Given the variation in raw material, structural racking is a more durable choice.

The beam capacity of structural pallet racks can hold up to over 12,000 pounds with a beam tie while a pair of roll-form pallet racks can only withstand up to 8,900 pounds.

Differences in Functionality

The main functional difference between roll-form and structural pallet racks is their forklift and abuse resistance in a warehouse setting. While both pallet racks can withstand a speeding forklift, structural pallet racks are less prone to incur damage either from minor or major impacts.

As structural pallet racks use thick steel as raw material, it inherently has greater rigidity and load bearing capacity. Conversely, roll-form pallet racks can only accommodate a particular loading configuration and, in most cases, offer adequate storage capacity.

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Differences in Cost

Expect to pay more when it comes to structural pallet racks as each foot of structural beam or column has more steel than roll-form pallet racks. In addition, expect higher installation costs as you will need to bolt structural beams to the upright.

Those looking for a cost-effective solution, on the other hand, can go for roll-formed pallet racks. At the right environment, it can fulfil your storage needs at an affordable price.

These two pallet racks play an important role in your warehouse operations, depending on your needs. Examine your business processes well to find which system will be more beneficial in the long run. If you need help in determining which pallet rack is best for your warehouse, contact a storage solutions provider.