Compete with Big Names: Starting Your Own Beverage Company

BeveragesThere are so many big names in the beverage industry that it may be more challenging than you think to break into the market. Here are some advice to help you surpass those challenges and make a name for yourself in this highly competitive yet lucrative industry.

Be specific with your niche

Niche marketing is not a fad, nor is it the invention of some marketing wizards out to make things complicated for business leaders and marketers. Niche marketing is perhaps the most important determiner of how successful your marketing activities can be. Knowing your niche means being able to target that niche with higher accuracy and better results. Sit down with your decision-makers and determine exactly whom you should be marketing to.

Separate your brand

There are businesses that would rather copy more successful brands than come up with their own. This is not only tacky; it may be illegal and it can get you in trouble with the law. Instead of trying to dupe customers into believing you are connected to the brand they trust — a move that will only earn you their anger once they realize what you’re up to — you will damage your reputation before it even gets off the ground.

Be original. Starting from the name of your brand right down to the smallest yet important details — your tagline, your colors, and the look of your beverage’s shrink sleeve labels — it’s important that you separate yourself from everyone else.

Be creative in taking your products to customers

How your beverages are placed on shelves in the supermarket matters in influencing people to try them. Talk to marketing professionals regarding this, or visit the supermarkets you would like to carry your products. Strike a deal for placing your goods where customers are more likely to stop and take notice. These days, it’s not enough to place your goods in supermarkets since you can operate a store online. Find out how the big names handle deliveries and orders and make your process even better.

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There are ways to start out in the beverage business without being another copycat. If you find your competitors’ best practices worth emulating, at least put a twist of your own originality to them.