Counting Down the Hours It Takes for a 30-Second Ad to Air on TV

Television AdvertisingTelevision ads usually run for 30 seconds, so it is not unusual for the audience to think that creating them is easy. If you want to try your hand at TV advertising, however, you will come to realise that it is not as simple as coming up with a concept and negotiating when to air your ad.

What takes a relatively short time on screen may require a long planning process behind the scenes. These factors that take up hours of planning are what make up your 30-second TV ad:


Conceptualisation is crucial for the success of a TV ad. You need to come up with something refreshing that will stay on people’s minds and get them talking about it. Once you do, you will be able to raise awareness for your brand and, hopefully, increase its sales.

The process requires human creativity rather than artificial intelligence; your team has to find a way to incorporate your brand’s values in a standout ad of your product or service.

Viewer Demographics

Naturally, you want your TV ad to have an impact on the viewers; you can do this by ironing out the viewer demographics. Does your brand want to reach out to teenage girls? Did your team design a certain product with young professionals in mind? Do your services seem more suitable for senior citizens?

The people behind Singtel TV Advertising suggest targeting a highly engaged audience that corresponds to what your brand has to offer. Get to know what they watch on TV and when they watch it, for a more relevant and seamless ad.

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Time of Day and Year

Finally, consider the best possible time to air your TV ads. Many people are either in school or at work during the day, so running an ad in the evening might gain you more viewers. For instance, you may run it during the evening news for more people to see it.

On a related note, you should also consider the time of year. For instance, is your advertised product or service more suitable for summer or for the holidays? Go over this again for a perfectly timed and, more importantly, effective TV advertisement.

Advertisements may take only a few seconds of screen time, but that does not mean the planning process is the same. In fact, a hurried process may affect an ad’s effectiveness, so don’t rush it.