Dlink Wireless Router Connecting and Rebooting & How To Setup

Sometimes, you might come across such situations where you can connect your laptop to the wireless router but the internet is not connected. There could be various reasons where you can come under such situation but this thing can be solved. When you face such kind of situation, it indicates that either laptop is in problem or the problem lies with the router in getting connected with the ISP settings. Dlink login Whatever the problem is you must find out. At times, the network selected by you has no authentication pass that seems to be familiar to the internet next. When in such cases, you can see a yellow color triangle appearing on the bottom side of your computer that is needed to be treated.

Frequent causes of no internet but Wireless router connected.

  • Most of the times, the Ethernet cable will not be properly connected with the WAN port of the router. This may be the cause for no internet but router connected with the laptop or computer. One must ensure that the Ethernet cable is properly attached with the connector to get the connectivity with high speed. In case the connector is broken, its tines you replace it with a new one.
  • Then, go for rebooting the router. A page appears on your screen asking you to log in with web interface details and reboot. Click on the reboot button to get your device rebooted.
  • A computer must have the anti-virus security to be safeguarded with the unwanted threats and virus. So, make sure that you turn out the antivirus program from time to time to get rid of the no internet in Windows. Kindly, disable the protection and make sure to check that there is rapid internet access. Unload the antivirus by disabling its firewall. For doing so, go to the network settings, then change the adaptor options, right click on Wi-Fi option and then lastly uncheck the driver of the antivirus.
  • Also, change the wireless channel by logging in to the routers web interface and get the advanced wireless settings likely to be changed. Meanwhile to get it supported, one can also get the app Wi-Fi Analyzer that ill further help to get the best channel.
  • It also gets important to get the region setting correct. Make sure there are no interruptions and the country, region selected further is given proper details asked for.
  • The 802.11 b/g/n standard mode of the router is on select mode make sure about it. Make the optimal setting of the mode and also ensure that the proxy is also placed in the disabled mode. You can go directly to the website and get it connected as much other loading process might take some time.
  • In case the adaptor of your router is not working, get it repaired and launch it as administrator. Get the net adaptor repair all in one utility and agree to reboot. This way you can get rid of the no internet issues.
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