Drive More Traffic to Your Website Through TV Advertising

a remote controlAlthough many businesses trust the power of the Internet when it comes to advertising, television still has plenty to offer. You may have read some articles saying that traditional marketing is dead, but the impact of television ads on website traffic says otherwise.

You can, with the help of an advertising agency here in Utah, devise a plan that utilizes both television and online advertising channels for a more effective marketing campaign.

A Move from Digital to Television

One corporation that heads a travel search website has been relying heavily on digital advertising, particularly pay-per-click models, until recently. The company plans to move towards television advertising in a bid to gain more direct bookings from customers. The move comes after the company realized how effective TV ads are at generating direct traffic.

The Proof of Television’s Power

The question now is do the numbers support the power of TV advertising? Two reports, one from a management consulting company and the other from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), can prove that. According to their reports with data from 2015 and 2016 respectively, 87% and 88% of consumers use second devices as they watch television.

Apparently, consumers find interesting products or services on TV. They subsequently turn to their smartphones, tablets, or computers to research online about those products or services. More often than not, they visit the websites of the advertisers themselves.

The Traffic Increases Based on Website Data

More evidence comes from a direct response media planning and buying agency that analyzed data across four different advertisers. Aggregate results showed that 30- and 60-second TV spots led to peak website traffic increases of 20% and 30% respectively. These peak increases correspondingly came two and three seconds after the TV spots aired.

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With the evidence above, you can confidently invest in television advertising to drive traffic to your business’ website. You can measure the data yourself to see how effective TV advertising is for your marketing campaigns, particularly for your digital campaigns. You may just increase your chances of growth, profit, and success this way.