Drunk And Hungry: Foods That Help Us Get Through A Wild Night

Fast Food: Pizza, Burger, Fries, Fried Chicken

Fast Food: Pizza, Burger, Fries, Fried Chicken

We’ve all been there before. That one night when we just had one too many, and we find our stomach grumbling. We search in vain for something that can answer our late-night hunger pangs. While your grub may have tasted good that night, you will probably regret what you ate the morning after.

No judging. Partying, as well as drinking, is a big part of American culture. Look at the list below at some of the “best” drunk food across America.


Hot, crispy fries are always on top of the list of the best munchies. And best of all? They pair well with beer. That’s why it’s no surprise that people crave for hot greasy fries after spending all night drinking. Across the US, there are oversized varieties that will make your mouth water. For example, Portland-based grease joint Lardo serves up dirty fries—hand-cut fries topped with parmesan cheese, herbs, peppers, and cured pork (tastes like ham or cracklings). Yum, yum!


Hot melted cheese on top of zesty tomato sauce and crusty pizza bread—delicious! For something fast and simple, a slice of classic cheese pizza is your best bet when you want something quick to quiet your growling stomach. The best thing about this humble pie? You can have it delivered straight to your doorstep when you and your crew are simply too knackered to bother going out. In America, we are lucky to have 24-hour pizza delivery services just blocks away and can deliver food hot and fresh.


From burgers to hotdogs, there's something about alcohol that seems to put us into a carnivorous rampage. For some meaty good grub, try Melt Bar and Grilled’s Parmaggedon. The name alone induces an image of a meats pile perched high on the table: something that this behemoth sandwich delivers! The Parmagedon comprises of thick slices of bread loaded with Polish pirogies, kraut, and cheese grilled to perfection. Delish!

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In such wild occasions, being a glutton for punishment enables you to live in the moment, which is something a lot are missing out nowadays. That 20-oz margarita will not finish itself without some deep-fried po'boy sandwich.