Explore Your Apps In A Brand New Way With Lucky Patcher APK

What can be more annoying than random advertisements that pop up on your screen while play games or browsing the internet? Don’t you want to have complete access to your favorite app? Lucky Patcher is one such app that provides everything you want to modify an app. Nowadays, cracking apps have become a widespread practice. The tool, Lucky Patcher, is not built for cracking apps. Instead, it offers to manipulate any application and customizes it in your desired way. Go through the article; it will provide you a detailed idea of what Lucky Patcher is and how it works.

A Brief Overview

Lucky patcher is an application which smartly analyzes your installed application. It indicates all the actions which this app provides you for modifying an app. With the help of lucky patcher, you can remove license verification of any app, extract the app and share it with your friends; and actions like removing Google Ads. Lucky patcher APK on Android also allows you to access unlocked paid app which you are not willing to buy from the play store.

How To Use Lucky Patcher?

Lucky patcher is a very easy to use the app with a user-friendly interface. Before using lucky patcher, you have to keep it in mind that your device needs to be rooted. There are a various rooting application available on the play store that allows you to root your phone very easily, if your device is not listed on the rooting application then you have to root your phone manually using your computer. After the app is installed, your list of apps will be displayed alongside all the actions that can be done with them. The color codes on the titles are indicative of the compatibility with the tool while doing some actions.

  • Green: It signifies one app is available for registering and disconnecting from play store.
  • Yellow: It has an available path.
  • Blue: Includes Google Ads.
  • Purple: A system startup app.
  • Orange: A system app.
  • Red: Cannot be modified.
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If one app is associated with play store, it is very difficult to install it from external sources. Extracting apps and eliminating their permissions can make it run on devices which are incompatible, it allows you to take a backup copy of the app and share it with your friends using several sharing application or via Bluetooth, you can check the authenticity of an app or whether it has been modified using lucky patcher feature. It prevents possible personal data leaked from your device to unwanted sources.

Additional Info

All of the features mentioned above are just a small glimpse of what this lucky patcher can do. It can be described as the powerhouse of your device as far as taking control over apps is concerned. It can change the resolution of gaming apps to allow high-end games run on your low budget smartphone. So if you are still thinking of why you should install lucky patcher, you are wasting your time. Give it a try and discover your phone in a completely new way!