Facebook Ad Types that Will Attract and Retain Customers

Facebook AdvertisingPeople all over the world use Facebook. As a matter of fact, Disruptive Advertising describes Facebook as the largest and most powerful social media advertising platform in the world. Advertisers who utilize this social media platform have access to over 1.6 billion users, 15 types of campaigns, and over 1,300 targeting options.

Although having access to a variety of advertising options is great, getting started can seem like an intimidating task. If you’d like to take advantage of Facebook advertising but don’t quite know where to begin, take note of these Facebook ad types that you can apply to your business.

Lead Generation Ads

Facebook lead ads make the process of gathering email addresses and building email lists very easy. In this ad type, your prospects can sign up for an email list, among other things, with the effort equivalent to liking or sharing a post. Furthermore, it auto-populates most of the fields a prospect would typically complete manually, increasing the likelihood of a follow-through.

Dynamic Product Ads

One of Facebook’s recent and most noteworthy contribution to the entire platform is the Dynamic Product Ads (DPA). This ad type connects your Facebook ad account and the pixel to your store’s product catalog. When visitors log into Facebook after checking your site, they will see an ad featuring the same products they were checking on your website. Hence, the ad they see becomes relevant and personalized.

Abandoned Cart Ads

A study by Baymard Institute revealed that 68.63 percent of shoppers abandon their cart. While it’s possible to get shoppers back to your store via email, less than 10 percent of website visitors will provide their email address. Fortunately, you can run highly personalized Facebook ads targeting these people. These ads would contain an incentive such as 10 percent off or free shipping if the person returns to finish the purchase.

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These ad types can act as a foundation for you to create a long-term Facebook marketing strategy for your business. When you do try out these ad types, start small, experiment, and measure your results. This will help you determine which ad type works best for your business.