Factors Affecting the Growth of Shrink Sleeve Labels

Woman Reading Brand LabelThe growth of shrink and stretch sleeve label market is undeniably growing. There is strong competition between manufacturers in catering to customers’ needs. So what keeps label market grows? In fact, there are major factors that maintain the preferences of customers on these packaging.

Graphics solutions

According to Flexoimpressions.com, most products such as bottles labeled with shrink sleeves are more eye-catching due to its graphics. Manufacturers design it with colorful artwork that makes the bottles more vibrant. It is undeniable that customers are easily attracted to these labels. The high-quality designs and materials can make your product increase its shelf-life.

Flexible designs

Pressure sensitive labels can come in many shapes depending on the type of products. For the colors to look striking, the choice of paper, film, or foil has to be planned. Thus, clients can have their products customized for a more appealing look.

Maximize the whole product

Clients can have wider chance to spread the message and benefits of their products since they can fully maximize the labels 360 unlike the traditional method, in which they only have few spaces to compact everything on the label. You can still have a choice to use full-sleeve if you want the product to be sealed at once. Or you can customize its size if you want to reveal the contents of the items.

Growing innovation for a greener environment

A lot of companies now are opting for a better environment by turning label materials more eco-friendly. They want to maintain the safety of the full-sleeve products. This will engage more consumers to purchase items with these types of labels since people are becoming more aware of the environment.

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These factors contribute to the growing popularity of shrink sleeves, pressure sensitive labels, and other packaging needs. It influences the buying decisions of customers and mostly catches their attention.