Forrester: Mobile to Have a Bigger Role in Digital Marketing in 2018

seoMore companies will acknowledge the importance of including mobile technology in their digital marketing strategies in 2018, according to Forrester.

The analyst firm expects this scenario to be among the top trends for the coming year. It will happen for good reason, as more people use smartphones to browse content and make online purchases.

Affiliate Marketing

While mobile marketing projects seem important, affiliate marketing such as search engine optimisation (SEO) is just one of the other effective promotional strategies. In the banking sector, it accounted for a huge share of advertising expenses by four of the largest banks in Australia, according to data from the Standard Media Index.

This type of marketing campaign also applies to the legal profession. Hiring an SEO company that caters to the marketing needs of lawyers will be an essential part of your plan to generate new leads from online searches, whether your target market uses mobile phones or not.

Bigger Emphasis

Brands should be wise enough to foresee that most of their prospective businesses will come from next-generation customers. Smartphones may soon become the “central conductor” for online activities in general, which is why enterprises need to invest in mobile development initiatives, according to Forrester.

These initiatives range from talent and processes to segment technologies, such as apps and websites. Some companies have already recognised the need for more investments in mobile. Radinck van Vollenhoven, Stocard A/NZ country manager, said that mediocre mobile customer experience indirectly affects revenues, as it weakens brand loyalty and perception. An example of this involves a customer looking for another company just because you failed to optimise your website or platform for mobile use.

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You need to consider the potential impact of a new mobile strategy, or the lack of it, to your business in 2018. Be prudent and ask yourself if your company will continue to survive without an improved mobile customer experience.