All about Garageband For Windows and its uses

Garageband is the one that works on Mac OS. It turns your iPad and iPhone into a collection of touch instruments and a full-featured recording studio. It is developed by Apple Inc. It enables users to create one’s own song using MIDI keyboards and pre-made loops. Garageband has made it easy for everyone to easily create one’s own music from anywhere. You can also use multi-touch gestures to play different instruments like keyboards and guitars.


Using live loops you can use multi-touch to loop and trigger alive loop cell. You can create custom loops by recording directly into the cell using any Touch instrument.

Audio Recording

It can record and play multiple tracks of audio. It also provides the ability to record at 16 bit and 24-bit Audio resolution. It includes the large selection of realistic instruments and software synthesizer. It can be used to create the composition or play music live. You can play iPad and iPhone like a musical instrument. From the sound library, one can download free instruments, loops and sound pack.

  • One can capture any sound and can produce sound effects. It uses 3D Touch to play keyboard sounds.
  • Create a song anywhere you go
  • You can record song and mix it with 32 tracks using touch instruments
  • Record multiple times or any song resolution
  • Use professional mixing effects.
  • Trim any musical regions from where you want them to play
  • Share your songs
  • Keep your songs up to date using iCloud eDrive
  • Creating custom ringtones and alert for iPhone,iPad
  • Sharing songs through email or Facebook, YouTube
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Download Garageband For Windows – It includes keyboard instrument, smart keyboard instruments like piano and electric.

There are two types of drum instruments in it and then a small guitar is included in Garageband which includes four guitars an acoustic guitar, two electric guitars and distortion guitar.

  • It works like a drummer for iOS. You can add virtual session drummers to your song and play realistic groovers.
  • Choose from acoustic electric drummers.
  • It sounds like a virtuoso with a smart instrument.
  • Play an entire string orchestra using smart strings
  • Groove with the variety of smart basses using upright, electric and synth sounds.
  • Each drummer has the signature kit that lets you produce a variety of groove and fill combinations.

You can even create human-sounding drum tracks and inspired by loops from the genre like EDM, Hip Hop and many more. You can also release your song worldwide. It lets you share your composed song easily with family and friends or you can save your track as the custom ringtone. You can also share your demos, remixes to your fans and use Apple Music Connect.

You can also add tracks to your Garageband for Mac song using your iPhone and iPad.

So one can see that one can play record and release song whenever and wherever you want. One can see that there so many uses of GarageBand. It can support any music format and can export songs to MP3, MP4 format. You can compose any music what you want using it.