Good Conduct: A Precursor to Going to School

Primary School In DubaiLearning starts from home. Your kids may already be at the right age to start schooling but they should also be prepared for it. Going to school is a much different place than learning at home. They will be around other kids their age and will have to start following simple school rules. School can be a big challenge for their age so they need to be ready to face it on their own.

Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai reminds that before your child is ready to go to a primary school in Dubai, they need to learn a few things. Here are some of them.


This is one of the basic virtues every person should know and your child has to learn it early on. Respect is the foundation for other traits. Learning this as early as possible gives them a way to be kinder to everyone around them whether it is another child or an adult. When they know how to respect others, they are most likely not to engage in any bad behaviour or altercations with other students. It may also give way for obedience to authority and cleanliness.

Telling the Truth

Always speaking of the truth prevents them from committing bad deeds against other kids or their teachers. Lying can be a precursor to stealing from others or cheating in exams. When your child starts telling lies at an early age, it may become a problem that can be difficult to stop. They should learn that there are consequences to lying and as they grow up the stakes may become higher. It is better to stop and correct them while they are kids to save them from trouble down the line.

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Your kids may learn about a lot of things while they are at school but manners and good conduct still start from home.