Hi, I’m New: Three Ways for Local Businesses to Make an Entrance

a woman presenting in the middle of a meeting

Introducing your new business to people is kind of a challenge. You only get to do it once so you have to do it right. People tend to go for the more established companies that offer the same product or service you are offering. After all, trust sells.

With the proper marketing strategy, though, even a new local business like yours can compete with a bigger, more well-known one. And part of that strategy should be to make sure your clients are aware of your company’s existence – and that they remember your brand.

Localize Your Introduction

It makes sense to invest in a local search engine optimization (SEO) service for your small business. With millions of users using local search (e.g. restaurants near me) every day, a local SEO service can help improve your online visibility.

With a website and the right SEO company, you can effectively market your business online. A local SEO strategy helps small businesses promote themselves to local clients through different strategies. These strategies include getting your website ranked on search engines like Google and Bing and business directories like Yelp. With local SEO, your website content is localized, mostly through geotags.

Write a Press Release

press release or a news release, when written correctly, is a valuable marketing investment. The media can help you get noticed.

When writing a press release, it’s important to make everything you say interesting. You can introduce your product or narrate what inspired you to start a company in your area. Make sure your title is catchy and all information provided is relevant. Then, close the release with a strong call to action and your contact details.

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Hire an Influencer

Influencers usually have quite a big number of followers, especially on social media. They can significantly impact the purchase decisions of their followers through their reviews and recommendations.

Additionally, influencers can help you make your brand more authentic, especially if you are a niche company. Although not as big as Hollywood celebrities, influencers are people that others trust and like. With them, you can establish a relationship with your potential customers.

Making the right entrance is just as important as communicating the right sales pitch. In an introduction, you not only sell your product or service, but you also market the company itself – its existence and goals.