High Risks, High Rewards: SEO Risks that are Worth Taking

Increase ranking conceptThey say higher risks yield higher rewards—and that is often true in business.

White hat tactics are, hands down, the best practice that can produce good results. However, some companies offering search engine optimization (SEO) services in Minnesota, such as Sievers Creative, like to live on the edge. And that means trying risky SEO methodologies that just might give them better results.

Here are some examples:

Undertaking a new website design

Some individuals are often scared of doing website changes, as they believe it can scare away visitors or lose link juice. New website updates, however, can lure more customers if done right. Of course, it always carries a risk of increasing bounce rates and dropping your conversion rates. But with the right plan and strategy, it will help improve your rankings and help you achieve greater heights.

Creating microsites

Microsites eat up tons of effort to make, as these should provide value to your users. If these are just additional complicated doorway pages, you might be in for some penalties. Microsites, if created the right way, can rank well especially for targeted keywords. Also, you can use these sites to give your core site superior back links.

Changing the URL structure

Updating your URLs by making them more keyword-friendly helps your site rank better in SERPs. But take some time to evaluate your site’s overall structure to determine if it’s really worth the risk.

In summary, you still can determine when a risk is worth taking or not. Not all these techniques may be right for you, and you should not be using them all at once. Always provide value to your customers, regardless of how often you’ll use these techniques. Search engines are always rewarding sites that focus on value, so that’s what you should give to your customers.

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