How to Attract More Guests to Book Your Hotel

Person booking hotel in tabletWhen it comes to attracting guests to hotels, many business owners think of choosing a great location, providing excellent service, and building world-class amenities. Although these are all great additions to any hotel, they may not get you as many bookings as you hope, especially when only a few travelers and tourists are aware that your hotel exists. This is where online marketing, web design, and social media come into play.

Web design tools for hotels, for one, can help establish your brand. By presenting your hotel in the best light, you increase the chances of attracting new customers who will be eager to book a room at your hotel. Having a website where you can post pictures of your amenities and seasonal activities is one of the fundamental pillars of promoting your business. Once you have a site, you can easily showcase other information like room rates and contact details.

Below are some ways you can drive more bookings on your website:

Manage your reputation online.

Customers love checking reviews about a brand before making any purchase or booking a room. This is why you should take time managing your hotel’s reputation online.

There are no shortcuts to getting positive reviews from your guests. Even satisfied customers rarely leave comments without being prompted. Here are ways you can get positive reviews from guests:

  • Collect email addresses. – By getting the email addresses of guests, you can easily communicate with them after their visit, and ask politely for their feedback on their recent stay. Make sure to send them an email not too long after their visit.
  • Set up a computer for reviews. – Set up a space where your clients can type in their comments before leaving your hotel. One advantage of this is you get to read their feedback as soon as they finish writing it, and can address any complaint or thank them for a positive review.
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Create a mobile-friendly website.

More and more users are using their mobile to surf the Internet and do hotel bookings. You can work with a digital marketing agency to develop a hotel website that is accessible on all devices.