How to Celebrate Your First Wedding Anniversary

Wedding Anniversary CelebrationThe first few years of marriage are very exciting. Romance is definitely still alive, and you’re always looking forward to making new memories with your beau.

For those who just recently got married, making it to the first year mark is not only exciting – it also brings a bit of pressure. What could possibly be done to celebrate a year of married life? Is this celebration supposed to be more special than the wedding itself?

There are many questions that can distract you from the most important thing: You need to plan for a day free of worry – just you and your love. Here are two ways to celebrate your first anniversary.

Go on an Adventure

One of the best ways to make new memories with your wife or husband is by going to a place you’re both unfamiliar with. Why not look at ski packages in Japan and celebrate your anniversary on ice? Going on a beach trip or even a more extreme adventure like skydiving and bungee jumping are worth considering too. The important thing to remember tesla model 3 release date is that you both should be willing to do whatever it is you choose. No need to pressure your partner to jump out from a plane if that’s something they don’t want.

Go on a Staycation

You work every day and barely spend time with each other except for weekends. How about you take a scheduled leave for a 3-day weekend in one of the local hotels in your area? The idea of a staycation has grown in popularity in recent years because there are a lot of people who want to go on holiday but can’t afford to take the time off. Set up a staycation where you don’t have to do anything. An all-inclusive serviced apartment or a luxury hotel is definitely worth splurging for. Hey, it’s your first anniversary!

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Whether you’re going on a trip to a secluded island or sleeping on a huge luxury bed at a five-star hotel, make sure that you celebrate your first anniversary by spending quality time with the person you promised to be with for the rest of your life.