Interlinking Techniques That Boost Your Site’s SEO

SEO concept shown on a laptop screenInternal linking provides you with another strategy to improve your search engine ranking and user experience. This strategy opens pathways to pages on your site that were previously less accessible to web spiders and organizes pages based on the keywords used and anchor text.

Experts on search engine optimization from MN cite the following practices that allow you to leverage interlinking:

Content Interlinking

Content isn’t simply a place to put links for indexing, it also improves the page’s user experience. When you place a certain link on a content, this acts as another source for readers who are looking for more detailed information. Put links in bold to emphasize them and draw the attention of a visitor. Insert hyperlinks that direct to relevant posts within your website. Make sure to check for broken links. If you find any, redirect these to a related page.

Relevancy of Link

Relevancy is still the name of the game when it comes to interlinking. When you place an irrelevant anchor text on a link, that link will qualify as spam. Optimize the anchor text, but use keyword variations because using the same ones constantly may come off as spam. Ideally, you will need about three interlinks within a particular content, but this depends on the word count.

Links to Calls-to-Action

Optimize the call-to-action to improve the conversion rates of optimized pages. Make the CTA button noticeable by increasing its size and boldness. Distinguish it by putting it inside a shape or using a different color compared to the background. The position also matters; the ideal location for the CTA is still above the fold. Put calls-to-action buttons on each landing page so that you have a higher chance of converting a visitor.

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These are some of the interlinking techniques you can implement to boost SEO ranking. Doing so provides you with a competitive advantage and better conversion rates.