International Localization: Business Videos that Speak to Everyone

Concept of Voice-Overs in Different CountriesThe online sphere is growing and anyone who’s not harnessing its powers is sorely missing out — and that includes businesses.

Fortunately, videos are enough. But if you wish to target a bigger audience, sticking to one language shouldn’t be an option.

Translation and dubbing are no longer boxed in the field of movies and television; companies now see its value in extending their international reach. Audiovisuals (e.g., client testimonials, product information campaigns) do their magic with local audiences; how much more if these were all accessible to wider audiences?

Localizing Videos: How?

Whether it’s hiring language translation voice-over services or simply turning to dubbing, managers should carefully study different methods in determining which will work best.

Knowing how the target market will accept localization methods is a start. Some countries or regions prefer to use subtitles, while others, such as Germany and Asian countries, go for dubbing. Other areas have the original language in the background with a reportage translation on the foreground.

Audience research matters. Looking into their preferences gives companies a head start in this marketing field. If you play your cards right, you might end up with a landslide of new customers.

Translation Methods

Apart from the different methods of localization, translation also comes in various forms. There are 100% translations by professionals, 100% computer generated translations, and 50% computer generated with 50% human assistance translations.

Project managers have two major options: machine generated or professional translation. For easily available tools, the former is the perfect option. But if you wish for a more accurate translation, the latter is the smartest choice. After all, you wouldn’t want audiences to scratch their heads with a mistranslation. Quality is always key, especially with translations.

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Adding value to business videos by resorting to multi-language options opens the brand to a wider audience. Earn the trust of not just the local, but the international market as well, with a video that speaks to ALL.