It’s All About Engagement: Understanding Experiential Marketing

A Man Wearing VR GlassesMarketing is a very vast discipline. It has many dimensions, but the goal stays the same: to promote your brand and form a strong relationship with your followers. And to do these things, you need to engage people, especially now that the Internet has provided marketers with a lot of opportunities for engagement. This is where experiential marketing comes in.

To start with, experiential marketing is one way of forging a bond with your consumer by allowing them to experience what your brand can do and offer. This technique is always visible in expos, trade shows, and conferences.

To help you understand it further, here are some pointers, as enumerated by a reliable provider of trade show marketing services.

Think on-ground

When to comes to experiential marketing, you need to think of implementing tangible executions; this means you need to go on-ground. Find where your target customers are and set up a booth there. Your customers will appreciate what your brand can do if they can touch or experience your offerings.

Give away samples

Brand activation is an iteration of experiential marketing. Other than letting your customers experience or try your products or service at your booth, you must give them something that they can take home. This extends the experience up until they’re home. These freebies should not only contain your branding; it should bear the contact details, such as telephone number, website, and your store’s physical address, just in case they get interested in buying your products.

Take advantage of tech

Tech will always be hot. And this will be of great use in your experiential marketing efforts. For one, you can use VR to demonstrate what your products can do in a given situation. Just look at how Yahoo! Japan and ad agency Hakuhodo Kettle did it.

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So that’s it! Consider experiential marketing as part of your promotional plans. Just keep in mind that experiential marketing is not just about promoting your brand; it’s all about forming a great bond with your customers.