Marketing in 2016, According to Marketers


MarketingContent marketing has become one of the most popular promotional strategies. As business venues ease into online platforms, it’s imperative for companies to take full advantage of the strategy. The Content Marketing Institute has recently conducted a survey for marketers, in which they have to rate what they prioritize in their strategies.

The results show three considerations that top the marketer’s list. Michele Linn, vice president of content in the company, shares some insights on the findings.

Top Considerations for Content Marketing

According to the survey, around 65% of respondents include the following in their content marketing priority list:

  • Creating Engaging Content
  • Understanding Content Effectiveness
  • Repurposing Content

Marketing StrategyLinn agreed that creating engaging content is an important part of the marketing strategy. But, she pointed out that defining what an engaging content is should come first. “If your team doesn’t know your definition of engaging – and how to measure it – it will be tough to make headway,” she said.

She added that having a clear idea of what success means for the team is “the higher priority.” Linn also stressed that understanding the audience and the objectives of the marketer are the priorities that will lead to accomplishing more specific marketing uber login goals.

Content Marketing in 2016

The marketing strategy constantly changes, as different media and platforms become available to the audience. Also, marketers are poised to create more content in the following months. According to recent data from the Content Marketing Institute, 76% of marketers claim they will be producing or are in the process of creating more.

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While this implies that the strategy is generally an effective and bankable one, some marketers find a problem with the figures. Content production doesn’t necessarily indicate quality content creation, they stressed. The same data from the Content Marketing Institute shows that only 30% of marketers think their organizations carry out the strategy effectively, as opposed to the 38% who said so last year.

Going Local

Marketer Aaron Agius suggests a more focused approach through local content marketing. He advises businesses to participate in local events by becoming sponsors or attending trade shows, and maximize the online media available by highlighting good customer reviews.

“Just as endorsements from influencers boost your credibility, reviews from happy customers on review sites –  your website and search engines – will help draw in more customers,” Agius said.

The Right Focus Produces the Right Content

There are many ways to boost content production. But, as proven by the above information and findings, focusing on what to write, who to write for, and where to do it makes a content marketing strategy effective.