Marketing to Health-Conscious Customers

healthy food on a table

Many know and love Scottsdale for its thriving community. As the home of the Arizona State University, it also showcases diversity and culture. However, it’s not the only city of note in Arizona. In terms of lifestyle and health, Gilbert is not far behind. Both cities have a high life expectancy rate, hovering over 80 years.

That means there’s plenty of health-related businesses in the area. If you have one, you know how cutthroat the competition is. Here’s what you should do to get ahead:

Use SEO Wisely

In such a competitive landscape, you’re killing your business if you refuse to familiarize yourself with SEO. It’s not enough to set up a business website and just let it sit there. You need it to be carefully structured so that customers can see what they want, whether they’re going straight to the website or using Google. SEO in the health industry can be your best friend or worst enemy depending on how you use, abuse, or misuse it.

Advocate Outdoor Living

Gilbert is known for its health care, which means people are healthier and are more willing to enjoy the outdoors. That’s advantageous to your health business, as you can invite them to an afternoon of outdoor appreciation and relaxation. Don’t miss out on a chance to show off your brand at an exercise class in the park.

Be One with the Community

It’s not enough to participate in activities organized by other companies. You’ll want to set up your events to get both new and loyal customers. For instance, if you’re offering skincare products, invite customers to a talk about keeping their skin in good condition despite changing weathers. A gym may offer a free class for a day to non-members, in hopes of turning them into paying customers. The possibilities are endless if you live outside the box.

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You already have the perfect location for your business to thrive. Now, you just need the events and acts that extend the reach of your brand.