Maximise the Advantages of Office Partitions

Office PartitionsIn an office environment, distractions can come from different sources. The constant flow of foot traffic, as well as noise pollution, can cause employees to lose their concentration.  Lack of privacy can prove to be a source a distraction as well. Maintaining your focus can be difficult when you feel like the whole population is looking over your shoulder while you work.

One effective way to minimise distractions in an office is to build partitions, Bishop Interiors suggests. Does your office’s work area shares floor space with the reception or waiting area? Installing a floor-to-ceiling partition between the two would be a great idea. The activities from the waiting area won’t be able to distract those who are in the main work area as the partition will muffle the noise of conversations and phone calls.

Before installing a partition, however, there are a couple of things that you might want to think about.


When it comes to materials, there are many options available. These range from plasterboard systems to the elegant frameless glass walls. Glass partitions are great for taking advantage of natural light. In addition to saving your budget on artificial lighting, the clear glass will make your office look and feel more spacious and airy, which can make a good impression on guests as well as your staff.


Solid partitions provide maximum privacy and excellent acoustic performance. They can also be installed in combination with glass systems. So before calling an office partition specialist, make sure that you have settled on the type of material to use. A professional office partition provider can also give their recommendations, so don’t hesitate to ask.

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One last reminder: Office partitions can be customised with a range of colours and finishes. Make the most of this by choosing a general theme that reflects your company’s brand image. This will help you cultivate a workplace culture that echoes your mission statement or professional identity. It will allow you to underscore your brand to important office visitors, such as prospective clients or stakeholders.