Misleading Foreclosure Protocols You Should Never Tolerate

Foreclosure Protocol in UtahEven if the huge foreclosure sign already made its way to your lawn, it doesn’t mean you have to move out immediately. According to Utah Bankruptcy Pros, unless the entire process has been completed, the current homeowners residing in the property have the legal capacity to stay.

However, there are cases where the banks illegally lock homeowners out of their homes by forcefully moving their personal properties to claim that the foreclosed estate is already vacant.

Learn more about your right to continue living in your foreclosed home.

Unless it’s Totally Vacant, You Can Stay Put

The foreclosure proceedings vary for each district and state. As a general rule, the only time you can be forcefully evicted from your house is when the foreclosure is already concluded or if you have already vacated prematurely.

The Case of Abandonment

There are instances where some homeowners are unaware of the foreclosure and went on an extended holiday. When they come back, they can’t access their homes anymore. If you leave your property without letting your mortgage company know about it, they will have no choice but to give the lender access to your property. When this happens, expect the following when you get back:

  • Alterations in the house (repairs, painting, etc.)
  • Changes in the door knobs and entry locks
  • Sealed off access points (doors, windows, gates)
  • Discontinuation of utilities (water, electricity, cable, etc.)

What You Can Do

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If you can’t help traveling for a while, express to both your mortgage partner and lender that you are still living in the property. Update them to avoid any harmful assumptions. Better yet, if the purpose of your travel is to procure funds for the mortgage, make this clear for them. Effective ways to prompt the necessary parties include the following:

  • Certified/official mail correspondence
  • Direct phone communication with logs
  • Personally visiting their offices

Intended or not, unlawful foreclosure activities happen. Knowing where you stand is the best defense.