Oh No, You Didn’t! Catastrophic Social Media Slipups to Avoid

Social media button on a keyboardMore than 2.6 billion users currently use at least one social media platform. Experts reveal that this number will escalate to 15 % to over three billion individuals by 2021. Social media marketing is an influential instrument for marketers to take advantage of. They can use it to communicate more effectively with their clients online.

Most brands are now successful because of social media. A top Melbourne PR company will surely vouch for its effectiveness. The problem is, some still struggle to connect with their target clients online because they unknowingly commit the following social media slip-ups.

Disregarding Loyal Clients

Derek Sivers emphasised in his TED talk the way the viral videos, photos or accounts begin. He demonstrated how the first loyal followers start the trend. So in that sense, it’s not technically the work of passionate leaders. Sivers explained that passionate followers assist in recruiting new members. They will even offer these new followers reassurance on how worthy the trend is.

In the same way, brands must always recognise the importance of embracing their loyal followers. You must find a way to reward people who consistently engage with your content and share it on their accounts. You can give them a shout out on your account or personally send them a thank you gift to show appreciation. It might inspire them to continue supporting your page and your brand.

Overlooking the Data

The key is to remember that modern marketing is a highly data-driven industry. It is true for both social media marketing and website optimisation. It will be essential for social media managers to assess and gather data to be able to recognise how their followers respond to their content. Alternatively, it can be difficult to know how you can change your social media tactics to achieve the results that you want.

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Marketers must make sure that they avoid the mistakes summarised above. Learn to approach social media platforms with a clear understanding of your objectives in using the networks to be able to accomplish it.