Pest Control: Solving Your Pest Infestation Problems

Pest ControlPest control is not a popular topic. You definitely won't be the life of a party talking about it, but it is a common occurrence in our lives that we must deal with. If you find that you are suddenly infested with pests, A-Jet Services Ltd says there are many pest control methods you can use, each one with its own benefits and downsides.

To help you with your problems, here are five different types of pest control methods: 

Biological Pest Control

If you've heard of the phrase 'prevention is better than cure', it also applies to pest control. When we talk about biological pest control, we talk about the agents that control and manages the population of rodents and parasites in your home. For instance, nematodes can be introduced into the soil around your home to keep the surrounding area termite-free. And on the plus side, you can eliminate pests without harming the environment using these biological pest control methods.

Poisoned Bait

Using a poisoned bait is another common pest control method. It can effectively eliminate the population of rats, termites, ants, and many other pests. When pests ingest the poisoned substance, they are killed almost immediately. But, pests may soon realise that it's poisoned and avoid it all together. 


Traps are best used for much larger pests like mice, rodents, racoons, and possums. Some traps will kill upon contact. But, if you do not wish to harm the animal, there are traps that will keep the animal alive and you can remove them from your property in a more humane way.

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Pesticides remain as one of the most commonly used pest control methods and are normally used by pest control companies and homeowners. While pesticides immediately kill pests, they are also toxic, which may cause poisoning if mishandled.

Beneficial Insects

Beneficial insects that prey on certain pests is a good way to control pests, especially those pests that love to prey on your outdoor garden plants. To naturally counter your pest infestation problems, you can order these beneficial insects through a catalogue and place them in your yard.

If you don't want to do the dirty job yourself, you can always hire a company that offer comprehensive pest control services.