Prepare Your SEO Strategies for the Rise of Voice Search

Man Using Internet Voice Search Technology On Smartphone Voice search has been growing recently. We can expect it to dominate the search landscape in the future. No matter the size of your business, you can hop on the trend and prepare your marketing strategies to factor in voice search. Your search engine optimisation, in particular, will have to adjust to the inclusion of voice search.

Work with a search engine optimisation company here in Sydney for help and assistance in preparing for voice search. These are some things to keep in mind as you take advantage of the rise of voice search.

Mimic Natural Speech

Voice search has turned natural speech patterns into a factor in search engines. On Google, users tend to use shorthand. Voice search, however, allows the use of complete questions or sentences for search. To prepare for this, you can use voice query research tools. It will teach you more about the natural language voice search users have. You’ll be able to incorporate these patterns into your content.
Build Yourself as the Best Source
Research the phrases and other SEO keywords relevant to your business and your target market. You can then provide blanket content coverage over these keywords and key phrases. It will make you the single best source for such topics. Once voice search comes to dominate the search landscape, you can potentially be the subject matter experts that you have built yourself to be.

Use Long-Tail Keywords

Speaking of keywords, phrases, and relating to natural speech patterns, you can achieve better success in voice search by using long-tail keywords or phrases. Incorporating a conversational style in key phrases can also help immensely. A classic furniture store, for example, can use the key phrase “modern art deco-inspired low sofa” instead of the generic “furniture”.

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Optimise for Mobile

Finally, you can prepare for voice search by optimising your content and website for mobile. Mobile users make up the bulk of voice search users, giving more emphasis to mobile. You can use a Google mobile test to find out if your content and website will rank in mobile search at least.

SEO will evolve in the coming years as voice search continues to establish itself as a significant element. Don’t miss out.