Professionals’ Guide to Taking the PMP Certification Exam

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It’s true that aspiring candidates with PMP certification have a better chance of getting the lucrative employment of their choice. But before getting this certificate, the candidates need to take a Project Management Professional or PMP certification examination, which can be a little challenging. Most professionals who avoid this exam usually lose out on potential promotions and salary hikes.

With the right preparation, any professional in Colorado can successfully pass the examination and gain a PMP certification. Here are some important things you should know about the exam.

Basics of the PMP Exam

The PMP exam lasts for four hours and includes 200 multiple choice questions, each of which has four potentially correct answers. Nearly 40% of this exam aims to gauge the ability of the candidate to solve problems under stressful conditions. These are situational questions and you need to find solutions within the shortest possible time. Another requirement to pass this exam is a minimum of 35 hours of project management experience. You can take the exam only if you have this type of experience.

PMP Exam Tips

You can take a PMP exam preparatory course at a reputable institution or online. You should widen your knowledge and read as many resources as possible. Get books and journals associated with the examination and read them comprehensively. Staying calm and confident will also help you answer all the questions correctly. For the multiple choice questions, the right technique is to find the best answers. Eliminate the wrong options and analyze the potentially correct ones, and then choose the most appropriate answer.

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You should memorize the acronyms and formula, so you can quickly use them whenever necessary. It is important that you answer all the questions; otherwise you will get a penalty. Answer the easier questions first and then move on to the more difficult ones. If this strategy doesn’t work for you, then try to improvise and use the technique you’re comfortable with. You can also take mock exams to boost your confidence and get familiar with the exam pattern.