Reasons Facebook and Twitter are Not Enough

Social Media SitesSocial media is a fun, free way to engage your potential customers, but if you are solely relying on it, it paints a bad picture for your brand.

Here are some of the reasons why Facebook and Twitter are not enough for your business. Consider these downsides and hire a web development team in Canberra so you can create your very own website.

Not everyone has a Facebook or Twitter account

As of 2017, Facebook reports it now 2 billion monthly users around the world. Shocking as it may seem, but not everyone is on Facebook or Twitter. Moreover, even if your target customers are on Facebook, are they even following your brand online?

The same goes for Twitter. If you are relying solely on Facebook and Twitter to reach out to your target market, you are not doing such a good job.

Not everyone sees your posts

In one study, researchers found that organic reach has suffered a 49 percent decline. Sure, creating a Facebook page is free. Posting is free. You can post as much as you like, 24/7. But if you are not shelling out money to pay Facebook for boosting your content, not all your fans can see your posts anyway.

So what is the point? Moreover, if you do have a Facebook page for your business, you have to promote it as much as you can to reach out to customers.

Relying on solely social media makes you look cheap

Why? Because social media is free and most of the online users know that having a website and maintaining it requires money. Slip into the shoes of your potential customers for a bit. Would you work with a brand that does not have a website or the one with both a website and a Facebook page?

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Chances are, you would choose the latter because they seem to have a bigger budget, and it often means having better quality products.

It is important to have a both a website and social media pages for your brand. Let them complement each other so you can deliver a better customer experience for both your online and offline patrons.