Recruiting Talent Through Social Media

Social media on a keyboardSocial media has been proven to be a powerful tool for businesses in terms of marketing and advertising. Beyond what social media is known for, you can also use social media platforms for recruitment.

It may seem unconventional at first when you’re used to site recruitment, job boards, and other older channels, but social media recruitment may get you the talent you need. If you’re still in doubt, Fast Police Checks says that you can use an Australian criminal record check software to help with your background checks.

Begin your social media recruiting efforts by considering the following practices:

Accounts and Postings

Of course, you have to post job listings on your company page on social media sites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. When you only have one or two out of the three main social media sites, it may be time to create a new account. Posting job vacancies in your company site and social media accounts can attract prospects easily if you have a good following.

Interaction and Engagement

Lacking a substantial following on social media? You can learn many tips from experts online. One method to grow your following involves a quick interaction with your existing followers. When you respond to queries and comments promptly on any of your social media posts, you build trust between you and your followers. This increases the chance of them to share your posts, including your job listings, or even tag someone in the comments section.

Video and Communication

Video has been a driving force in social media marketing, and you can use it to your recruitment advantage as well. Put together a recruitment video that can show your company culture to interested applicants. You can even do it yourself; all you need is to take the time to learn and practice.

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These are some ways you can leverage social media to your advantage in recruitment. You can do more research for further help. As long as you do it right, applicants will come to you.