Retain Your Website Visitors with These 3 Kinds of Landing Pages

Website trafficMost people know what and how important a landing page is to making visitors who come to your website stay. Only few, though, know how to use that knowledge to get more traffic. In fact, many sites have ‘leaks’ — areas in their sites where for the visitor, the most sensible thing to do next is to leave.

An advertising agency in Jupiter, Florida, can quickly sort out the issue for you. Not only do they remove leaks, but they also set up landing pages that are designed to get the best results, giving you an opportunity to engage the visitor more.

Here are three types of landing pages that the professionals use to make your site stickier.

1. The ‘opt into email list’ page

Most people have the opt-in form on their website in a sidebar. The most effective place for the form is a landing page. That way, you can tell people what they get for giving you their information. The visitor focuses their attention and is much more likely to sign up if they do not feel forced to do it.

A willing subscriber is an engaged subscriber, and they are more likely to keep coming back because they derive value.

2. The content guide

Content is king when it comes to online marketing. It pays, therefore, to organize your content into a landing page. In your blog, you get to show your latest posts, but a landing page would allow you to show off your older content.

Topic-specific landing pages also work well to direct visitors to what they want out of your site.

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3. The ‘start here’ page

Your website tells people how to get in touch with you, details about your brand, sells your products and gives visitors useful information. When someone lands there for the first time, directions are a lot of help.

A custom-made page for first-time visitors will help you to show them information that they need and keep them around for longer.

There is no point in owning a website that does not draw traffic. Much worse than not attracting traffic is having people who only visit once and never come back. Landing pages are essential for helping people appreciate how helpful your content is to them.