safari For Windows Download – Free Latest Version on PC

Safari first saw its official release into the world of web in 2003. Since then, Safari has been constantly updated so as to provide users with the best browsing experience. Now, the latest version of Safari has been released with mind boggling features.

Safari has been made available for free on many platforms now, and users are getting more and more accustomed to using Safari as their default web browser. With the additional features offered on Safari now, it has become arguably one of the most popular and reliable web browser over all platforms.

For those platforms where Safari is now downloadable, users still have the option to download Safari extensions. This means that users can enjoy the features and functionality of Safari for Windows without downloading Safari for Windows and simply downloading the extensions. Extensions will expand Safari’s over all functionality and user experience.

Here is how you can download Safari extensions for Windows:

  • Make sure that Safari extensions are enabled on your Safari using the gear icon at the top right corner of your Safari browser.
  • You can also simply press CTRL+, (control plus comma) or navigate to “Preferences..Extensions” and toggle the ON button for extensions.
  • Search for and click on the Safari extension you want to download.
  • Click on the Install button for the respective extension you want to download.
  • The Safari extension will automatically download in the background while you are using your other tabs.

After you have downloaded the Safari extensions, you can enjoy the additional features which come along with these updated extensions which are normally not available on the built in versions of Safari. However, you must regularly update your extensions so that you can have maximum utilization of the extensions.

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Here is how you can update Safari Extensions automatically:

  1. Open preference using CTRL+, (control plus comma) or by going to preferences and then extensions.
  2. Click on the updates tab on the bottom left corner of the extensions page.
  3. Here you will find a button for “Install Updates Automatically”. Click on this option.
  4. Safari will now automatically update your downloaded extensions whenever the newest versions are released.

What are the Best Safari Extensions you can download for your Windows?

  • AdBlock- this extension helps you to block all unnecessary ads and pop ups. These can be very annoying when you are trying to browse your web pages, and this Safari for PC extension makes your web pages much more readable.
  • Autopagerize- this extension can be extremely handy when you have to scroll through huge lists or search results. Instead of going through one page after another this extension downloads all the search results on a single page so you simply have to scroll down and go through all your options. Extremely handy when shopping on online web portals such as amazon or eBay.
  • DuckDuckGo- unlike other search engines, DuckDuckGo does not keep a track of your previous searches, completely protecting your privacy. It will also take you to your specific search page by simply typing your exact search, and the specific page you want will be presented to you.