Shorter is Louder: Expiring Content, a Powerful Tool for Digital Marketing

Marketing team on a meetingIn this current age of technology, information is everything. With how high-tech everything has become, some people expect less waiting time and more info. Social media has also come up with different ways everyone can stay connected and informed. That’s where expiring content comes in.

What Is Expiring Content?

Digital marketing is no longer the future; it is the present. Experts such as those from believe in managing the continuous changes in digital marketing tools, and businesses have taken advantage of these devices for their marketing strategies. With how competitive the market is, they have learned to become more creative within the short time given to them by using the expiring content.

Expiring content is a content piece that exists only for a short period before completely disappearing. As a powerful tool that creates a sense of urgency in potential consumers, expiring content is used to build up excitement in the viewers and readers. They are meant to be teasers or cliffhangers.

Though visual content and live videos have proven successful in drawing the customers in, temporary pictures and videos leave them wanting more. The latter also attracts more traffic at a given time because of the culture of not wanting to miss out.

Examples of Expiring Content

Snapchat was the start of expiring content’s rise to popularity. It was a platform for friends to send pictures and videos to each other, as well as share to the public some tidbit of their lives, without fear of it being accessed much later by a stranger.

Instagram and Facebook followed, with such platforms now allowing stories posted. The length of the videos and their duration online are likewise restricted, but unlike Snapchat, IG and FB offer no control over the time limit. Pictures and videos stay on the web for 24 hours before disappearing.

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Businesses are using these social media platforms to expand their market, targeting the younger or more tech-savvy demographic, “reading their minds,” and making them curious.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Pictures that disappear, however, will be worth a thousand questions. And the market will be monitoring them for answers.