Stay Away from these Common PPC Mistakes!

PPC Specialist PPC or pay-per-click advertising allows you to feature your advertisements on various search engines to make them easily visible to potential consumers searching for products or services similar to the ones you’re offering. PPC ads can be bought at auctions and you have to determine which ones will best benefit your business. You then bid a specific amount for a particular search term and pay that amount once users click on your ads.

What can possibly go awry, right? Many things actually, below are the most common ones you’d do well to avoid.

Striving to Be Number 1

While this will definitely boost the number of users who will click on your PPC ads, the majority of those people aren’t really your target market or potential customers. Opt instead to decrease your bids to numbers three to five so your ads will be more efficient and to save some money.

Failing to Use Geo-Targeting

Geographic targeting will enable you to target all your PPC ads exclusively to potential customers in your locale. This is particularly crucial for businesses that only conduct locally since you’ll be targeting locations that could potentially offer maximum profit.

Not Directing Your PPC Ads to a Relevant Landing Page

When users click your ads, they should see exactly the same content on the web page that it links to. A PPC specialist in Denver recommends that you create separate landing pages for each of your ads so users won’t have to navigate your site to look for the ad they clicked on.

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Not Targeting Specifically

Put simply if you’re selling only ladies shoes, it’s pointless to bid on keywords like men’s shoes or kids shoes. Only spend for relevant keywords.

Not Including Keywords in your PPC Ad Copies

Don’t forget to incorporate keywords into your ad copies to make your ads more relevant. An added bonus, Google also “bolds” keywords in ad copies

Failing to Include CTA or Calls to Action

All your ads must include clear CTA buttons such as “Buy Now” or “Inquire Now” to prompt users into doing what you want them to do.

Keep in mind that all businesses will need to experience some trial and error prior to making everything working like a well-oiled machine. This is also true for PPC campaigns. So just remember these mistakes and just don’t make them.