Survey: Australians Spend More for Online Purchases

Girl online shoppingAustralian shoppers bought more items from online retailers than purchasing consumer products in traditional stores in the last six months, according to a survey.

The survey based its findings on 1,000 adults, particularly millennials who spent the most to purchase online goods. Those between 20 and 30 years old accounted for 70 per cent of respondents that paid more money for online items than buying them in physical stores.

Business Indicator

More people shopped online due to having more options, which served as their main reason, according to the survey. Another factor for the growing popularity of online shopping had to do with time, as shoppers can browse for items at home or elsewhere.

While the poll only used a small sampling size, it indicates the growing popularity of e-commerce among consumers. Companies should find ways to use digital resources to leverage business, whether or not you engage in the e-commerce market. One way to do this involves hiring a web development company in Melbourne like Voodoo Creative or a digital advertising company in Sydney to help you attract more customers.

Traditional Taste

Australians may have spent more for online purchases, but that doesn’t mean traditional stores will become irrelevant. Shoppers still prefer to visit a store since it allows them to see the actual product, as opposed to online shopping that will require you to rely solely on the retailer’s ads.

For instance, bricks-and-mortar stores provide customers with the opportunity to try on clothes before buying them. However, one reason why this doesn’t translate into a purchase has to do with an item being out of stock, which is one major frustration to a majority of shoppers.

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Online and offline retail businesses should learn how to adapt to changing consumer preferences. Traditional stores should work double time to address current issues on customer satisfaction, while e-commerce businesses should find ways to outsmart competitors.