Surviving the Funeral: Handling People You Have Issues With

Funeral Service in TaylorsvilleWhen you had a conflict with the people who are grieving the same loss as you, going to the funeral of a loved one can be a bit awkward. It can even be downright uncomfortable and deciding whether you should go to the burial or not can become a burdensome affair. If you do decide to go, here are some ways to help you deal with such complexities.

The Time to Cherish Your says that you can ask your funeral director to seat you at a distance from those you are uncomfortable with. No one should hold it against you to care for your own feelings because you are, after all, still grieving over your loss. If there would be relatives and former friends who would approach you to make amends, by all means, give them a moment. At the very least, you can give them the credit of making the first move.

The Chance to Reconnect – This can apply to relatives and friends that you’ve lost contact with and have not had the chance to update with each other’s lives. The parting would most likely be amicable and the funeral service can be your avenue to reconnect with them. See if they are kind enough to sit with you during the ceremony.

The Choice to Reconcile – For those who you have present conflicts with, you can also see this as an opportunity to reconcile your differences. It would be proper to do so, especially if the one who died had wanted to see you make peace with these individuals before their death. Approach them discreetly to see how they would react to you. If they still are a bit hesitant to speak with you, don’t force the issue.

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All in all, you are free to do what you want at your loved one’s memorial service. However, do keep in mind what the dearly departed would have wanted. It would help to change your perspective and attitude to know that wherever your loved one is, they are happy to see you building bridges despite their death.