Techniques to Maximize Your Content Marketing Strategy

word content encircled in red markerSearch engines are now focusing on meaningful content compared to its early years where keywords are king and stuffing as many of them in a page will yield positive results. Nowadays, sites that do the latter get penalties and may even lose some of their link juice and page rankings.

If you want to reach a wider audience and provide them with valuable content, Utah SEO marketing expert SEO Werkz cite the following techniques to implement.

Hard Selling is a Turn-Off, Inform Instead

Overaggressive behavior yields poor results; the same is true for in any business niche. Hard selling comes off as desperate, inauthentic and insincere. You don’t want your audience to associate those three words with your brand. Instead of trying to sell, change your approach to informing.

Create content that your target market deems valuable. Give details and upload videos, images, infographics, newsletters and other forms of media. Those who read these may want to share them in their networks.

Identify a Result Type

Google and other search engines no longer just show pages of links. They now show other forms of results that may pique the interest of users. The latter can see images, snippets, videos and others depending on the query.

Identify which type you think is appropriate for the content on a certain page of your websites. Optimizing this allows you to land on the top results of Google. This leads to more clicks and conversions or at least generates traffic.

Choose a Specific Market

A general approach leads to lukewarm results, be specific when identifying the audience you want to sell to. A niche strategy allows you to gain substantial market share and a steady flow of customers for your products and services.

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Once you find a certain group to advertise to, make different landing pages based on their queries and the type of content you want to show.

These are just a handful of the content marketing strategies you can implement to gain a competitive advantage. These proven techniques yield positive results such as better conversion rates, click-throughs, and traffic.